Can't Wait!

Judy and I leave tomorrow for vacation. We can't wait. This week has been a very busy week for us. My position at church has had the added responsibility of hosting a major concert here in our city. There were lots of details and logistics to work out. It turned out great, but it left me pretty depleted. Now, it's time for some R & R with my favorite person in the whole world. We often encourage couples to always have on their calendar something we call a "can't wait". These are those events that you look forward to with anticipation and excitement. Some of them may be big events, such as the vacation I mentioned above. Others might be a simple coffee and conversation time on the deck on Sat

What is Pressing? What is Important?

What is pressing……..what is important? More and more, I’m trying to ask myself that question early in the morning before I actually begin my day. The first phrase is generally easy to answer, in fact, it usually answers itself with a VERY loud voice. Meet this deadline. Get that service planned. Prepare for that rehearsal. Meet with these people. Mow the yard. Fix that drip. Well, you get the picture. And, in all honesty, those are things that must be done, except for fixing the drip. But the 2nd phrase, “what is important”, is sometimes a bit harder to answer. I think one reason for that is that I have to be still and quiet and give myself TIME to really answer it honestly and correctly. In

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