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Can't Wait!

Judy and I leave tomorrow for vacation. We can't wait. This week has been a very busy week for us. My

position at church has had the added responsibility of hosting a major concert here in our city. There were lots of details and logistics to work out. It turned out great, but it left me pretty depleted. Now, it's time for some R & R with my favorite person in the whole world.

We often encourage couples to always have on their calendar something we call a "can't wait". These are those events that you look forward to with anticipation and excitement. Some of them may be big events, such as the vacation I mentioned above. Others might be a simple coffee and conversation time on the deck on Saturday morning. But, they are all planned and intentional.

"Can't waits" add energy and excitement to life. Sometimes the anticipation of something makes the event even more fun and fulfilling. The anticipation can last for weeks, months, or even years. This vacation falls into the "years" category. Years ago, when I was in college, I went on a mission trip to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. That trip included an overnight stop in beautiful San Antonio. This was before we were married, but I already knew that I wanted to bring Judy to San Antonio someday. I imagined us walking hand in hand along the scenic riverwalk and riding one of the tour boats under the bridges and balconies. I couldn't WAIT!

And now, here we are, over forty years later. I'm finally going to see that dream realized this next week. Needless to say.....I CAN'T WAIT. We will build some memories and have some GREAT food. But more than that, we will strengthen our relationship. We will express our love for each other because we will have the time to do that. We will be able to focus on each other as we have a great time together. And....we can't wait.

I encourage you to regularly sit down with each other and with your calendar and put some "can't waits" on your schedule. You'll benefit greatly from it. It make life a better place.



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