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Watch Your Step!

When my husband Tony was young, his family would sometimes go camping. On one trip, they camped about 100 yards from a cliff. That night after everyone was asleep, Larry (Tony’s older brother) started sleepwalking. Their dad just happened to wake up about then, and saw that Larry was not in his sleeping bag. He began looking for him, found him, grabbed the belt loop on his pants, and turned him around, just as he was about to step off the cliff!

Taking one step in a certain direction in our marriage might not create a situation that dangerous, but there is always that “first step” that can begin taking us in a direction we don’t need to be going. Some steps can take us much farther than we ever intended!

  • Some steps bring us deeper into the marriage, others take us farther from our relationship

  • Some steps we take in marriage can lead us to tempting places with tempting people; other steps can lead us to a safe place-deeper intimacy with our mate.

  • Some steps may become more like stomps, as we pull away in anger. Others might become steps of resolve to stay and fight right.

Somehow, a single step taken away from a relationship seems to require several steps to return. A seemingly short distance appears to grow longer as time goes by. Perhaps that is one reason the Bible tells us God wants to “order our steps” (Ps 37:23).

So, when we DO choose to cause our steps to be walking on God’s path, letting Him order our steps, we will come to realize we have become closer to each other AND Him!

Have you taken any steps this week to become closer to your mate?

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